Voices from the Past—Part 1

The Versatile & Sensual Prince Albert by Doug Malloy


Doug Malloy was my friend and mentor and my inspiration for starting Gauntlet. The company was founded in 1975, and Doug passed away unexpectedly in 1979. Few members of the body piercing community alive today ever met him or heard him speak. At the time of his death, he left behind a handful of audio cassette tapes that have been in my possession for over 40 years. This small collection contains several interviews, articles for Piercing Fans International Quarterly magazine (PFIQ), and correspondence between Doug and fellow piercing enthusiasts. These were recently digitized by the Leather Archive & Museum in Chicago. In the coming weeks, I will be posting these audio files for your enjoyment.

Doug most likely dictated this first tape sometime in 1979. It appeared in Piercing Fans International Quarterly, issue #6. By the time the article made it into print. it had undergone extensive editing, so it differs significantly from the audio file. You may view a copy of the published article here and compare it with the spoken word.

Readers need to be aware that this article—and many of the other assertions that Doug made—were in all likelihood fabrications that have given rise to a great deal of misinformation which unfortunately persists to this day. Paul King and other scholars of piercing history have found no evidence to substantiate Doug’s claims. Regardless, the tales are colorful and still worthy of enjoyment.

The Prince Albert Article as dictated by Doug Malloy c. 1979