Voices from the Past—part 2

An Interview with Alan Oversby/Mr. Sebastian

Coffee with Alan

Left to right: Sailor Sid, Alan Oversby, Doug Malloy, Elizabeth Weinzirl, and me in Alan’s London apartment.

oversby2In March of 1978, Doug and I joined self-proclaimed “freaknut” Sailor Sid and grandmother of the tattoo community Elizabeth Weinzirl for a trip to the ITAA tattoo convention in Amsterdam. On the way we stopped for a week in London to meet the local T&P enthusiasts and in particular, to spend time getting to know Alan Oversby better known to his clients as Mr. Sebastian.

During our visit I recorded this interview with Alan which subsequently appeared in issue #4 of Piercing Fans International Quarterly. You can view a copy of that article here.

You can learn more about this European sojourn in chapter 8 of Running the Gauntlet.

Interview with Alan Oversby AKA Mr. Sebastian